As a non-asset based provider, we are not limited by any equipment that we may or may not have as we have access to over 1,000 carriers within Canada & the USA. Our personal connections with the carriers we source in each region means we are able to negotiate the best price and time frame possible for your needs. We handle all the stress by updating you on arrival times, paying the carriers, and resolving claims. 



With our network of carriers we are able to provide you with a wide array of trucks, vans, and trailers. A list of the equipment we can provide you with includes:

  • Flat decks/Step decks (Tandem Axel, Triaxle, Quad/Maxi, Super B Train)
  • Dry Vans (Tandem Axel, Triaxle)
  • Low-bed/RGN/Double Drop Trailers
  • Containers/Chassis

Less Than Truckload (LTL)

If your shipping need doesn't require a full truckload, we can save you time and money by providing you with a truck/trailer that will take your shipment with the same service level as if you reserved a full truckload at only a fraction of the cost. Prices are based on the space/weight required on the trailer and the distance of the trip. This is where our personal connections with the carriers in each region really comes to your advantage as we are able to negotiate for you the most reliable and cost/time efficient freight transportation.




If you need a container shipped anywhere in the world, we can provide the logistics to make it a stress free experience. With our carriers we can:

  • Arrange the rental of a container that suits your needs.
  • Have a container brought to you or an unload/reload dock near you.
  • Arrange for a container that you have access to to be certified seaworthy.
  • Have a container that you load in your own yard shipped anywhere in the world!

Oversize/Heavy Loads

Our carriers are equipped to handle all of your logistics needs, no matter how great the weight or the challenge! With access to all of the best equipment in the transportation industry, ask us and we'll get it moved for you.

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